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Valentine's Day Augmented Reality for the Innovation Hub at FSU

Project type

Augmented Reality Creation


February 2024


Tallahassee, FL

In February 2024, FSU's Innovation Hub developed a Valentine's Day-themed AR campaign to spread awareness about the Hub's incredible resources.
Using my background in innovation marketing, I led the creation of a strategy deck, and the team landed on two Snapchat lenses: Candy Grams and the IHub Date Challenge. For the Candy Grams lens, we played on the viral nature of cringy digital candy grams to create nerdy, playful, Hub-themed grams of our own! For the IHub Date Challenge Filter, we looked to gamified experiences to educate students about the Hub, creating a series of date challenges on a selfie randomizer. Pairs snapped their pictures at each activity and were entered in a raffle, and the winners even won a special Hub-curated date basket!
Leveraging my AR skills, I designed, scripted, and developed these lenses from the ground up in Lens Studio.

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